An Island with No Income Tax

Why would someone like me stay on St Barts? Aside from the absolutely gorgeous scenery and perfect weather, it’s also a tax haven. I run some very lucrative internet sites that provide me with a very hefty income. It’s the type of income that the French government wants to get their hands on. I used to pay an enormous sum to the French government through my taxes. People in other parts of the world complain about taxes, but the French have them all beat. The taxes are practically ruinous to a businessman like myself. That’s why I sought relief in the Caribbean.

St Barts ended up being my destination. I can stay on the island for several months out of the year and that means my tax burden is dramatically lowered. I’m not alone as I know many of my fellow Europeans live on the island and they too save a lot of money. Some people think we aren’t paying our fair share, but if they wouldn’t say that for long if they had to pay the same amount. Besides, we spend plenty of money in the local economy and believe me when I say the locals love us for it.

I thought about buying a home here until I found a company that rents beautiful homes to high end travelers. I rent a home on the island for a few months out of the year and it counts as a tax exile back home in Europe. It’s better to rent, I think, because it’s a bit cheaper than buying an estate and then having to staff it the months of the year that I’m not around. The company does an excellent job of making sure my needs are met and I find the cost quite reasonable. Perhaps one day I will move here permanently, but for now this is an excellent deal.